Omni System 4.1Omni System 4.1Omni System 4.1

3D Plant Walkarounds

3D Plant

Omni systems with a powerful 3D image tool

Omni Systems

Combining Omni systems with a powerful 3D image tool we have managed to truly make your buildings smart. While our competition sells the dream here at Omni we are proving it. By taking a 3D image we can now place devices over the image.  This allows the user to hover over the device and get a live reading from their desk as if they were in front of the device.

QR Coding Asset Tagging

Why not using the Omni system print out a QR code for your device, then by using our powerful app or online browser you can simply hover over and get all the information on your device live without walking to the head end or a desk.

Extra Steps

Now for the really clever part… not only can you see the data on the site but from our system you can now make changes.  For example, a colleague notifies you that they are too cold simply select the device on your screen, and at a click of a button you can increase the temperature, adjusting the device above their heads. There is no longer the need for this to be done by one person the user themselves could do it.


Don’t worry if someone has adjusted the setpoint because they were too hot or too cold… Using the Omni System you can create rules… these rules could include at 7pm to reset all devices to the standard setpoint – no more over running or wasted energy as the system is automated.