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IoT Sensors

Bring Your Building to Life

With IOT Sensors (Internet of Things), you can manage anything and everything in your building. 

A smart building should be a net zero building and function with the end user in mind. It is expected that a smart building will utilise multiple systems and devices, including Internet of Things (IoT), to share data about its performance.

Devices can be installed to track data from across multiple points, such as: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), energy consumption, water consumption, carbon emissions, occupier comfort and much more.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air within a building or structure, related to occupiers’ health, comfort, wellbeing and productivity. Whereas, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) has a wider scope, looking at other metrics such as sound, light and smell as well as air quality.

IoT Sensors

Our analytics tool can also be connected to additional IoT sensors from other providers, creating a single platform to view all your systems on our live dashboard, which is created and managed by the end user to display and alter the information they wish to display. The system can be configured to connect to existing systems through  integrated API’s or by adding additional sensors to installed plant and equipment and communicating via the existing BEMS or PMS system to the Omni-box.

IoT can monitor

Air Temperature

Air Quality



Leak Detection


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