Omni System 4.1Omni System 4.1Omni System 4.1

The box


A cloud-based service that harvests live data from the Building Management system, analyses it and converts it into a single format.

Analytics Tools

Our Building Analytics tool is smart building technology which continually gathers and
analyses data from across a building to identify, measure and ultimately improve overall operational performance.
By gathering real-time data from across the various systems and equipment within a building, building analytics provides an accurate evaluation of the building’s health, energy consumption and comfort for its occupiers


Omni Systems provides actionable intelligence to property owners and facilities
management teams. It is intended to deliver quantifiable benefits in a short space of time, such as identifying opportunities for saving energy, improving maintenance planning and
increasing occupier comfort, while identifying where to reduce operating costs.

Energy Saving

We are also able to make substantial cost savings for users immediately with the average savings ranging between 15% and

The Box Schematic Platform

Omni Box

With Omni Box you can identify faults, wastage and problem areas within your building in real time reducing reactive call out costs, catching problems before they become serious and improving the comfort factor of your facility.

Omni Box is an alternative approach to maintenance planning prioritising the Plant that requires attention and utilising your labour force as efficiently as possible.

With Omni Box you have a pair of eyes monitoring your building 24/7 ensuring it is running effectively.


Reduce Energy Use

Improve Labour Efficiency

Promote Well-Being

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Intelligent Digitally Led Maintenance

Optimising Building Performance


Utilising an analytics tool enables a holistic view of all the plant and equipment being monitored on a single platform, it enables all stakeholders the ability to see where energy is being used effectively and where it is not, which has even more important in today’s volatile energy market. The Omni system has a number of benefits including:

Omni Benefit

User friendly and easy to use
Reduce your carbon footprint
Quick installation by our experienced team
Digitally manage your building and your building assets
Ensure you are only using the energy you really need to use
Make substantial costs savings immediate
Show your compliance journey relative to your SECR reporting and other government compliance targets


System features & benefits

When a user selects this option, they are transported to a page where all of the data points being monitored are presented, and they can interrogate individual devices to determine their current status and as a first step in fault diagnostics.


Customised Alarming

End users can quickly set alarms to the parameters they
need using the omni box, allowing them to receive early
notification of a plant that has gone offline or out of the
parameters established, such as failing to maintain the
This easy to use feature also allows the end user to assign
the alarms to the most appropriate person to action any
works required.
Notifications can be sent via E-Mail, Text or App
notification using the Omni APP.

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