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Omni System Report

Omni Facilities Analytics is intended to allow users to optimize building operational performance, increasing occupant comfort, whilst reducing energy consumption. . The analytics function is intended to focus the onsite engineering resource towards inefficient plant and system operation through an aggregated unlimited number of monitored software points. The objective of this report is to summarize the events for the reported period and provide a review of all assets monitored by the Omni Analytics platform. Using the system, we will identify where there are opportunities to improve performance and enhance delivery of maintenance on monitored assets. If you wish to log into the Omni Analytics platform yourself, have any questions or require support, please contact the support team at


Omni 4.1 comes with our new advanced reporting tool allowing you to customise reports, generate automatically or as whenever needed. With a few simple clicks you can generate your Omni Reports, there are no limits to the amount of reports you can run or the number of different report templates you wish to have. Save yourself time on seeing how your building is reporting by using the Omni Analysis reporting tool.

Customised Reports , as unlimited templates

24hr Reporting looking at all data


The data is taken from the A/C Unit Efficiency page to compare all terminal units and identify hard working and ineffective equipment. Your air conditioning may be doing just enough to let you think it is working correctly, but this tool will show you where plant is working the hardest - It may be that the plant is not reaching its full potential due to less obvious failures, such as partial blockages. The tool may also identify plant that is working correctly but is undersize for the installation. It is better to be aware of potential issues so you can begin planning the remedy before it becomes a problem.


The graphs below show your energy usage and costs between yourselected period of time.

Energy Savings & Usage

The graphs below show your energy usage and costs between your selected period of time.


Energy Meter Readings
The graphs below are showing live meter readings from your site during the selected date¬† period. These reading’s are calculated from the data
provided from the meters.

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